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Success stories


Expanding a popular tourist destination’s international reach

A major French destination on the French Riviera was keen to reignite interest and showcase its latest iprovements after travel came to a stop during the pandemic.

We were called upon to write the teaser campaign, marketing copy website content, translations and subtitles to ensure prospects registrered to the event.

This enabled this very famous and glamourous destination to bring together travel operators from around the globe to showcase their new offering.

This included refurbished hotels, an new underwater museum, new attractions and facilities to help tourists also visit the wonderful surrounding seas and summits.


Repositioning an event management company’s brand

What do we want to stand for in the market? How do we show we are different, more creative and customer focused than our competition? How do we improve our online presence and search engine ranking?

These are the challenges that we were asked to help with.

Our client is one of the top 10 independant events management companies in France.

We redefined their value proposition and positioning, after having identified their ideal customer profile. We then rewrote the whole website content, including case studies to show how and why they are best suited to answer their customers’ painpoints.

We also worked on their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) communication as it is such a key differentiator today. We like to call this finding their Green Note!


Helping a socially engaged film meet its global audience

Ever heard of lavender marriages ?

We were asked to translate and subtitle into English a film which shows how social, cultural and religious pressure force gay men into male-female marriage in order to conceal their sexual orientation. This is a global issue, just like bad subtitling is.

If you were raised bilingual like we were, you’ll know how annoying it is to pause a movie every 30 seconds so you can repair the crime that is to inaccurately convey subtleties, cultural hints or colloquialisms of the original dialogue and allow your friend or your partner to enjoy the real thing.

Growing up in a half British half French household has given us the linguistics and cultural awareness to do this far better than your typical translation service. Just think of how damaging bad video subtitling can be to your brand’s image.

Cultural relevance is essential when establishing a link between your brand and a market. You don’t want to risk cultural harshness, confusion or even political incorrectness.


Launching an innovative travel technology business

Bringing a novel idea & disruptive technology to market is always an exciting challenge.

And risky.

Especially when it combines travel with sustainability and ethics. Not an easy ask.

We helped define the audience and the positioning, rewrote the website content, including blogs, to ensure the message was crystal clear: You can now travel using your smartphone, with many destinations at your fingertips. From your home.

How cool is that?

We also created a whole new investor pitch deck, to ensure the story was right and to catch the right investors’ attention. Indeed, on top of the financial aspects, our friends were looking for guidance, mentorship and people who shared their vision to do business in a responsible manner.


Making a new bakery stand out in a crowded market

Nothing ground-breaking about opening a new bakery right?
Especially in France.

WRONG. Just like when micro breweries started to sprout out everywhere, bakeries are going through a phase of disruption.

We created quantitative surveys to understand people’s perceptions. Do they know what sourdough is? The benefits of organic & local products? Would they buy bread at twice the price of industrial bread? Is this enough to differentiate them?

Through competitive analysis and ethnography we got a complete view of what customers were looking for. This enabled us to change the brand name to something more meaningful, review the founders’ story and redefine their value proposition.

We found their Blue Note.


Promoting new environmental friendly and innovative technologies

The sea has always played a special role in our lives. Once again, it could turn out to be our savior as global warming accelerates.

We were asked to promote a new type of technology, using wave XXX to tunr into electricity. But for this to happen, the brand had to be put on the map.

And looking at the horizon for international backing was one of the solutions .

We analysed the products’s value proposition and messaging before writing subtitles for a promotional video that demonstrated the benefits of the new wave turbines. We also added our voice to the video to maximise the impact.

Innovation and Corporate Social Responsability brought together in one single solution.


Accererating growth by launching a new brand, repositioning another to take on the market leader

New investments require a rethink of your strategy to ensure they deliver the intended returns.

Having operated under the radar for almost 17 years, a premium logistics company approached us to diversify its client base, launch a new brand and service and refresh the legacy brand’s marketing strategy.

So we came in to assess the brand’s value proposition, redefine the offering and identify the real problem they were solving. We spoke to customers and prospects alike to ensure the strategy was in line with market expectations.

In parallel, we launched another stream to satisfy commercial requirements to generate new leads immediatelly.

We also analysed and identified points of friction in the customer experience to solve them and retain customers.